Top 5 actors who deserve better recognition


Hey guys,so here is my second blog, where instead of giving a movie review, thought it would be best to discuss the top 5 actors who deserve better recognition, by this I mean actors who have have done really good roles and in some cases have done good movies but are not recognized by the masses, in the sense that many would never know their name, and in all the 5 cases have not won a single Oscar.These are actors who also deserve to be given better roles that they have been given now and deserve better recognition. So here is the countdown



#5 Mark Ruffalo




At best, he is known for playing Bruce Banner/Hulk in The Avengers. His performance in the film received acclaim and the film was a grand commercial success. Despite this,  although he has just received the attention he deserves, but no one seems to notice his appearances in his previous films such as The Kids Are All Right (2010), Eternal Sunshine Of  The Spotless Mind (2004), the Tom Cruise hit Collateral (2004). I was really surprised when I got to know he has been in so many films yet he was not recognized well until The Avengers came out. He has played detectives, doctors, cops and a big green monster, with so many dynamic roles given by him, he clearly deserves better recognition. He was nominated for an Oscar in The Kids are All Right in 2011, making him a slight exception in the list, but his rating was more intended on recognition






#4  Matthew McConaughey


File:Matthew McConaughey 2011.jpg

If you don’t know this actor very well, especially by his name, I am pretty sure you might remember his face, especially from Tropic Thunder, he played Ben Stiller’s agent in the film. He started his mainstream career with average romantic comedies (which I really didn’t like) and these films were decently successful at the box office. He then made his career transformation to dramas and has proved to be a very versatile actor, with his roles ranging from playing a lawyer (The Lincoln Lawyer)  to an outlaw (Mud) to a male stripper (Magic Mike) to a southern cowboy (Dallas Buyers Club), and he hasn’t received a single nomination in the Oscars for his brilliant performances and without a doubt deserves better recognition from audiences.




#3 Joseph Gordon Levitt


Sure you might know him, but his talent as an actor is heavily under rated, he like many actors has done a wide range of roles including the dream stealer alongside Cobb in Inception (2010), The assassin in Looper (2012), a beat cop in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), a romantic in 500 days of Summer (2009), a cycling deliverer in Premium Rush (2012) and many more. He has also shown his talents in directing his debut Don Jon (2013), which did decently at the box office and was well received by critics.But his recognition as a brilliant young actor is still not give to him, he is also an example of a child star to not become a drug addict when he grew up.

#2 Nathan Fillion



You may know him from  the series Castle. He is an actor who knows how to play a badass character and knows how to bring style in the character to bring a larger appeal amongst audiences (that is why we love him in Castle). In day to day blockbuster franchises, an actor like Nathan Fillion deserves roles as he really does give good performances. his movie career may not be large but he has gained attention by television viewers, but deserves better movie roles in the industry especially in high budgeted movies. He can also take a #1 spot for the under utilized actor of all time. Let us just hope he gets something better in the future.




and now for the number 1 spot, is one of my favorite actors of all times and it goes to








#1 Andy Serkis




love this actor a lot, Andy Serkis is best known for his roles in Motion Capture. He  is best known for playing Gollum in Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) and The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey(2012-his scene stole the show literally), the titular character in King Kong (2005) and Ceaser in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011). he even played Captain Haddock in The Adventures Of Tintin (2011). Despite his mesmerizing performances in these films, he has done so much work as an actor and his real face hasn’t been seen on screen but his expressions and movements have been seen and loved by everyone. Here is an actor who has even pumped up the debate amongs critics for the consideration by the academy to take motion capture for real acting. He hasn’t even been nominated for a single Oscar. I thought he deserved to win it for portraying Gollum mostly, but wasn’t even nominated for that. His recognition amongst audiences is also questionable, but for me he is an all time favourite and always will be.


I hope you agree with my list and please share your own

Until the next blog







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