Top 5 exaggerated things/scenes/situations in movies

Now for this particular post, I am keeping things on a light tone, when I say top 5 exaggerated things/scenes/situations; they are in reference to what happens in movies which have really crossed the line many times. I am not only talking about Hollywood in particular, but cinema of any kind that comes from anywhere. This is will be smaller post in comparison to the other ones that I have done (that’s a relief). We have always been at a point in a film where you’re like, “Man, this is such bullshit”, maybe not all the time, but you gotta admit, you find it way too impossible to believe.  So with an ample amount to introduce this topic, let us start the countdown. Also the movies that I suggest in the examples does NOT mean that they are bad, but still has these exaggerations..

#5 – The Grand Finale

This is in reference to films about performing on stage like Moulin Rouge, Step Up (1,2,3,4), School Of Rock, ABCD, Dreamgirls, The Muppets, Saturday Night Fever etc. We all have such movies were, unknown to the audience, what they are going to perform, are preparing for a competition and they have to win this competition, BUT they give a solid performance for all of us to see and we DO not need a heart pounding moment to know who WON, because the money we paid for finally paid off.

#4 – The Lonely Montage

When we see a romantic movie or a movie regarding friendship, we always come to this part, and yep, it crosses the line way too many times. When a misunderstanding pops up between the relationships of the main characters (such as a couple, best buddies, etc.), they end up going their separate ways and we viewers are apparently made to sympathise for these characters as they grow to become anti-social characters, or people who stay at home all alone, they get depressed (sometimes suicidal), decide to never interact with people ever again, this is exaggerated, common, you don’t expect us to go through this. It just goes on for the next 30 minutes (killing our precious time) of the film where we finally reach the predictable climax and the guy/girl finally decides to go after the girl/guy and finally embrace. Yep, sounds exaggerated to me, A LOT.

#3 – Survivals of Bullet Wounds

This is in particular to action films, if the guy is not shot in the head (or the heart), he can go on, all we need to make sure of is that his hand is over the bullet wound and HE WILL LIVE, sometimes he even continues fighting, like it is just a scratch. You don’t believe me; see Skyfall, Rambo, The Terminator, Terminator II, Mission Impossible series, Kick Ass, any Bollywood action film, Taken, Olympus Has Fallen, The Other Guys, The Rush Hour Trilogy, any low budget action flick, there, that’s a mouthful.

#2 – Sudden realisation and standing up of the main character

We have all seen movies where the main character is confused or doesn’t understand, doesn’t have a clue what he is supposed to do, he doesn’t get the point of what the hell is going on. BUT, once we reach the third act of the film, he understands, he gets it, it was WITHIN HIM ALL ALONG, he JUST needed to believe, he stands up and FINALLY does what the audience was expecting him/her to do 2 hours ago. Don’t believe me; see The Matrix, Star Wars Original Trilogy, Romantic movies like Lost in Translation or Knocked Up, Harry Potter, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Cast Away, The Dark Knight trilogy, Rocky, etc.

#1 – Dogs (sometimes Chimpanzees)

Why dogs? Well, the answer is pretty clear, in most of the films that are about dogs (or chimps), we see that they are such LOYAL creatures that never mean any harm, all they want is a friend and they are well-trained out of the blue without any explanation what so ever. They also have cruel owners at first but have a great friend later, and ultimately choose them in the films UNFORGETTABLE climax. Dogs (or chimps) are in fact like that in real life, they grow to become loyal to you, not at first sight. Dogs are not creatures that can understand you whenever you want it too. I am not saying dogs are bad pets, but they definitely do not fall for you just like that, some films like Air Bud even went on to say that dogs are fit to play sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volley Ball, seriously? You got to be joking about this. Other examples are the Beethoven series, Bolt, 101 Dalmatians, 102 Dalmatians, Turner and Hooch, The Mask, etc.

Hope you agreed to this list. What do you find exaggerated in movies? Feel free to comment, so until next time, have a great weekend and enjoy watching

Until the next blog


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