Acknowledgements, My Love for movies and My Top 5 films of all time

I am incredibly sorry for not writing lately, I have been busy watching Breaking Bad for the past few weeks (it is an incredible show by the way, you must watch it). Well, this being my 10th post, there are so many things that I would love to talk about in the field of cinematic entertainment, but it is always restricted to one post at a time.

Wow, 10 posts, that is a big number for me, may not be that meaningful to other people but it does to me. With this post, I want to achieve three things in particular, my acknowledgements, my reason for loving movies and finally my top 5 movies of all time. So to start with……

I would like to thank the people who were either incredibly annoyed or incredibly impressed with my review on The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug review on Facebook and in particular the people who advised me to start a blog, and here I am on WordPress, not knowing whether there are people who even care about this blog, but as long as I know I am not annoying a lot of people on Facebook, that is a good sign. My dad always told me to start a blog and begin writing almost 3 years ago and now when I look back; it took me one review on Facebook and a lot of hates, loves and comments to bother about starting one, so I want to thank my dad for giving me advice a little early on, but the problem was I did not know how, where, what to do, and this is where I finally want to thank Sahana and Mayank. Sahana earlier told me about blogger right after reading my review on facebook and I started of there and learnt a lot about what I needed to do on blogs in particular and I grateful to her for that, but blogger really had bad themes, and Mayank came in and advised me to go on WordPress, he taught me how to customise blogs, but one thing he taught me in particular, was for myself to realise that I needed to improve my content and designs, post by post and that was a great contribution on his side for this blog, a big thank you. Finally I would like to thank those 300-350 people who have seen my blog (the blog has hit 400 views), you may not have read it completely, but thank you for even trying.

Movies to me are the best way to tell a story, many people say that they are just tools to offer an escape from day to day routines, like video games or reading books and maybe that is true in their cases, but not in mine. I like stories, but more importantly I like to see them, listen to them, and understand them, because we all want a hell of a story to tell and movies, to me are the greatest way to do that, one could also say that books allow freedom to imagine whatever the reader decides to, that is true, but then I would not consider myself an imaginative person otherwise, movies can also prove to be drastic lengths a person can imagine and come up with ideas that are shocking, impressive and tragic at the very same time, take Star Wars for example, George Lucas imagined a world of his own, in a different universe and had shown the world a new meaning of imagination on screen, this proved effective, not only nationwide, but globally and today, is regarded as one of the greatest achievements in cinema, that still exists as a large franchise and will never die, books do not have such an effect, at least with the knowledge that I have. I love to talk about movies and I love to see them. I would live in movies if I could. When I am in the movie theatre taking my seat, with Nachos, and I am ready to see what is on screen for me, for that moment, I feel like I am home, where I belong, my dad says that I will lose interest in watching them soon due to my soon-to-be jobs and hectic, I would like to believe that that’s not true and maybe it will be, but for now, with what I have left to say, I am honoured to be a fan of Movies and I always will be (at least for the time I have) a follower of the big screen.

Now with two goals achieved I want to achieve my last goal for this post, that is to reveal my top 5 movies of all time, this is a list which I have not kept in order, because my No.1 film always keeps changing, so here is my list of my top 5 films of all time.

The Godfather (Parts I and II) (1972 & 1974)

I consider these films as one work, due to its continuity and entire story arc. This film could have also been perfect without its undoubtedly disappointing 3rd film. As a story, I felt that the ending in The Godfather Part II was perfect enough to close this movie and let it remain what it is, a legend.

Why I love this movie?

The pacing, cast, characters, story, and finally the influence that this film has on other movies since its release. If you would care to notice, the film’s focus on character development, the conversations between characters and the brutal violence has had a heavy influence on directors like Martin Scorsese (his later films based on the crime genre like Goodfellas) and Quentin Tarantino. The performances by Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert Duvall are quite possibly some of the best performances I have ever seen. The film’s directorial style, and different look from the films in the 70’s was something new and as the beloved critic Roger Ebert said “[it] comes closest to being a film everyone agrees… is unquestionably great”.

Finding Nemo (2003)

A lot of people have shot me down for this opinion of mine, and I am here to honestly admit that this one of my top 5 films and the best animated film I have ever seen

Why I love this movie?

For one major reason, it told us about father-son relationships with aquatic life. Among all ideas, it was the last thing I would expect. This movie had laughs, joys, moments of sadness and an overall proved to be an emotionally satisfying film for me, thanks to it’s well written screenplay. The voice cast was so well chosen, the characters were memorable and it remains a very close film to my heart, because it was the first film that I could completely understand and remember as a child and I hadn’t understood many films back then. This films was just as memorable as its characters and I remember the first time I watched it, I was completely immersed in it, I didn’t even think about anything but the story, the animation was breath taking, that is the best possible way to put it, I loved every minute of this movie. The way the character of Marlin developed to become a better father was astonishing in a span 95 minutes, and that among many of it’s achievements, is the greatest one.

The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King (2003)

How many third films in trilogies end well, The Return Of The King. In my opinion, the best fantasy film ever made.

Why I love this movie?

It may have been a tad bit too long, but that did not bother me, for it got so many things right. I loved the visuals, even today, when I look at fantasy films these days, even considering Harry Potter films, the visuals never felt as ground breaking as it was in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film was such a terrific ending to the trilogy and was the best of them, the directing was phenomenal, the acting was incredible (especially Viggo Mortensen, Sir Ian Mckellen, Sean Astin, and Andy Serkis). The film had so many memorable moments, some of the best war sequences I have seen in movies, the screenplay was significant and it was the best film in the trilogy. It tied so many loose ends, it ended everything perfectly, it was emotional for fans, myself included. It was action packed and the story was faithful to its source material. This film achieved an astonishing feat being the first and only fantasy film to date to have won the Academy Award for Best Picture, something that it clearly deserved and to date remains as Peter Jackson’s best film and the best book to film adaptation to date for so many reasons that I cannot adjust in a single paragraph.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The best comic book movie of all time.

Why I love this movie?

I love Batman, he is my favourite superhero, and the character has such dark roots that were never explored in the previous batman films (with the exception of Batman Begins). This sequel raised the bar for comic book movies, brought up the debate that comic book movies are Oscar worthy, brought up an anarchic portrayal of The Joker, who is in my opinion the best villain in movie history, and even brought a much darker addition to the comic book genre. The film’s modern take on Batman’s character and the journey of Bruce Wayne was a tragedy in this film, there is a deep sense of loss in this film and there is sacrifice for the greater good. This film proved one thing to me; you don’t need 6 superheroes to make a box office success (I still love The Avengers though). The film takes its time to invest on the situations of these characters and I loved the ending in this film and who wouldn’t forget, this was Heath Ledger’s show.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

If you love to listen to characters talk about something interesting for a while, see some blood, and get some of the best dialogue ever written, you get Pulp Fiction

Why I love this movie?

The screenplay, the acting and the non-linear structure it followed to tell the story. The film has a heavy influence on modern cinema, especially being one of the most popular films to follow non-linear story-telling, it has influenced Christopher Nolan (Memento in particular), and countless other directors. It has so many pop-culture references, it has hilarious moments and Samuel L. Jackson’s performance is truly something, the different stories that this film tells in the backdrop of the criminal underworld was well told and credit has to go to Quentin Tarantino for that. This movie is interesting because of how well the characters play out, they are truly memorable and the dialogue is nothing short of excellent. I loved this movie and it always will be one of my top 5 films.

So I have finally achieved my three goals in this post. I hope you loved reading it and if I have wasted your time, I apologise and never see this blog ever again. So did you agree with my list, what are your top 5 films? Be sure to follow this blog.

Until the next blog


2 thoughts on “Acknowledgements, My Love for movies and My Top 5 films of all time

  1. Breaking Bad: best show of all time. Totally agree with your picks! Nothing will ever beat The Lord of the Rings for me.

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