The Rant that “Lasts Forever”(HIMYM finale)

The final episode of HIMYM aired, and I apologise for making this a review/rant on a television show rather than a movie, please forgive me for that, but I couldn’t help but feel that sense of urge to say something about this. This may be one exception in my blog, so please do cope up with this situation and continue reading if you are convinced enough. My sincere apologies again

The episode ‘Last Forever’ is the irony for this show, because it won’t, not with the way this show ended. It is a bad finale, much like the finales for T.V shows in the recent past like ‘Lost’ (especially ‘Lost’) and ‘Dexter’. Seriously, this was a bad finale, for all I have to say. Is this how you want to end your vision Carter Bays and Craig Thomas?

Now, I do not hate killing off beloved characters, I do not hate the divorcing of relationships we root for, I certainly do not hate that we see too many flash forwards just like that. What I hated is that these guys did ALL OF THAT in one (or two) episodes.

They made an entire season based on Robin and Barney’s wedding and they divorce these characters in the FIRST 10 MINUTES of this episode. WHAT, common, is this the dipshit legacy you want to go for? Well, that is a bad choice that you have made. Not only does this episode ruin a long term relationship between Barney and Robin, it threw away the character of the mother (that they made us root for throughout the entire season) and gave her barely 10 minutes of screen time for her in this episode(s) only for us to find out she is dead, again proving all the lame former fan theories that were right all along and go back to the Ted-Robin crap that was made clear to us in the pilot, that it wasn’t them, that wasn’t the relationship that we were supposed to care about.

Barney was developing, and they ruined it by making us see him go back to that same old lifestyle again only to bring him back to the character that he developed too by getting him a girl (that and the closing shot were pretty much the only moving scenes in this episode). But still, why break up characters that you guys took an entire season to show us a wedding only to reveal that they never were meant for each other.

Look, if they wanted this all along, why didn’t they call this show anything else other than ‘How I Met Your Mother’, seriously, why didn’t any of them think about this?? It surely would have saved them these rants that we all have about it. The episode was meant to focus on the characters of Ted and the mother and we were supposed to see them, see THEM tying up THEIR loose ends. Not Robin, not Lily, not Marshall, not Barney, it was Ted’s story; they should have remained focused on that.

I just can’t help but feel betrayed, to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, I only   want to say this; you guys have made a lot of people upset and I couldn’t believe you threw away characters that your audiences, who stuck up for 9 years with your show and loved what you guys made and just disrespectfully threw them away heartlessly. This is not the “legen……wait for it……..dary” episode that were promised, it simply wasn’t. What a waste of good talent.

So sorry about this guys, I wanted to point this out and definitely, this episode gets a rating of 2/5

Final Rating: 2/5 stars

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