X-Men Days Of Future Past Review

I am really sorry I haven’t been writing lately, I have been a bit busy and my internet is an on-off situation, so please do cooperate with me on that.

My Thoughts on the Franchise

Before we do move on to the review I think I need to say a few things about this franchise and by all means I think it is safe to say that I was really anticipated for this movie and a lot others were too. I personally didn’t like the first X-Men, due to slightly dated special effects and mediocre action sequences, but it released a long time ago, and I guess they were good for the time, but for me, I didn’t find it very engaging, and it all felt like a giant setup for something big, X2: X-Men United was an excellent superhero movie, but it wasn’t without its flaws (especially in living up to its potential in the plot), regardless, it was a vast improvement over the first one. X-Men The Last Stand, was disappointing, but not necessarily terrible, I thought it had the best action sequences of the three, but the story and the way it treated it’s characters was awful. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in a word; ‘bullshit’. Now with such a mixed tread in the franchise and the step down with those two films, First Class really didn’t anticipate me, and I decided to wait until it was available on DVD, and I gave it a shot, for me this was the best X-Men movie after X2 and really went back to treating it’s characters well. Soon after, The Wolverine came out, with Origins (or bullshit) being so bad, I was skeptical, but when I got to know that a lot of the crew had changed, I was excited, and it was a solid entertaining film (especially the extended edition) and even considering this movie (Days of future past). I think Hugh Jackman gave his best performance in The Wolverine.


Now for my real review, I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of X-Men out there, so I won’t be gushing like a fan boy throughout, but at the same time I must also admit I was heavily entertained by this movie. Now I know I am late for this review, but hell let’s just do it anyway. The movie is directed by Bryan Singer (Director of first two X-Men movies) and stars everyone, the cast of First Class and the cast of the original X-Men trilogy. So, it obviously does imply that this film has a huge ensemble cast on its table. The story involves time travel, with the X-Men fighting Sentinels in the dystopian future, and losing (badly), so they send Logan/Wolverine back in 1973 to stop the Sentinels from ever being created. Does this make the story convoluted at times, no, not for me at least and are the characters overabundant, no, I think every character is used perfectly (except Storm).

This movie excels in a lot of different ways, as an emotional drama, an action film, a science fiction, a comedy (at times) and did a great job of not giving us the feeling of a superhero movie at times. There a lot of good things about this movie. The cast is excellent and the special effects, action sequences and set pieces are great. Bryan Singer did a great job with this film (regardless of what the outcome of the lawsuit will be), and I really saw his talent with handling ensemble casts, and that is certainly a very hard thing to achieve these days (just try Movie 43). Let me just talk about the cast. We all know Hugh Jackman is excellent. But for this movie, Evan Peters, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy, stole the show, because they were the heart and soul of this movie. Evan Peters as Quicksilver in the ‘Pentagon Prison’ scene is probably one of the best scenes in a comic book film I have ever seen and is easy enough to light anyone’s mood at hard times.

The action sequences are great in the first half of the movie and in the second half, they’re pretty good, but you don’t get to see a lot of them, mostly because it concentrates on the emotional aspect of the situation, especially in the final act (so don’t expect much action there), but in the first half the war scenes are excellent with Blink (Fan Bingbing) being given the most inventive things to do. With a significant increase in the budget of this movie ($225 million), it is obvious that the visuals are great, and certainly, the Pentagon Prison scene is truly something. The score by John Ottoman was perfect, since he did the score for the first two films, hearing the original X-Men soundtrack was good treat. The third act is great, I had a few problems with it though, but thankfully it didn’t have something to do within 10 minutes (TDKR) or 30 seconds (Captain America 2). The screenplay was well written, not perfect but well written. For an average movie goer, it might be a little hard to follow but it certainly isn’t a mind bending story so as to not being able to follow it at all

But I do feel there are some problems with this movie. Sometimes, I felt that they focused way too much on the emotional aspect in the final act while one would expect an action packed climax, and wolverine was very much underused in the final act. A lot of the time we see an exposition taking place, one by one, but when we do get to the real core of it, I thought it was real emotional payoff with scenes from future and past being merged seamlessly. The villain Bolivar Trask (played by Peter Dinklage) wasn’t very compelling. We really don’t get to see him that much in the movie, and his motivations for hatred (and admiration) against mutants really wasn’t explained well, don’t get me wrong, Peter Dinklage was excellent, the first scene including Bolivar Trask itself was good enough to say so, but can I go as far as to say he was a great villain, no. I believe that he should have had more screen time in this movie. At a running time of 131 minutes, was it long? No, but it should have been longer. Yes, this movie answers a couple of questions but not enough to clear your mind of all doubts. I believe that the editing could have been done a little better, we are not explained how Kitty Pryde gets her powers to time travel someone. We don’t know how Charles survived and we don’t know how Wolverine got his Adamantium claws back in the future. Apparently all my answers were going to be in film and it wasn’t explained, but it didn’t create any further questions, unlike the other movies.

With all this said, I still love this movie and I think it is the best X-Men movie we have ever had, is it the best comic book movie we have had so far, no. Is it better than Captain America 2, I would put it at the same level. But it is a solid film to look at and is the best X-Men film yet and that is coming from a non X-Men fan and that’s something hard to achieve and with the way it wrapped up everything was a marvel to look at and I am thankful that it did a lot of corrections that needed to be made in this franchise, does it establish continuity problems? No. Does it solve them? It does, for most of the part. As an overall experience, I thought it was a great film that met with my expectations and is certainly going to be loved by many comic book fans and movie goers alike. I am going with a solid 4 stars, no more, no less.

Final Rating: 4/5

I saw Godzilla as well, and knowing that a lot of people have seen it already, I will be doing a spoiler review of it rather than doing a non-spoiler review. So see ya

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