Mad Max Fury Road (Movie Review)

Mad Max Fury Road Review

Well, Hello there…Its probably been centuries since I have come back on this blog of mine and a lot has happened for me these past 3 months….I am nearly done with my entrance exams for college admissions in India and pretty much did them as well as I could. I have also kept myself busy watching Anime (I am quite new and I am really getting into the medium and it’s great) and I have been watching movies and TV shows as well whenever I get the time. Now that all the catching up that is needed to be done has been done,

I recently saw Mad Max Fury Road and I just couldn’t restrain myself from coming back to my blog to review this movie although I had promised myself that I wouldn’t until my exams were over. Yes, that’s how GOOD this movie really is. Honestly this film is just flat out amazing. I never really thought that as a frequent movie goer, I would ever get the opportunity to witness and experience a film like this on the big screen and I am more than glad that I did.

Fury Road has a premise that is ridiculously simple, in a post-apocalyptic world; Max (Tom Hardy) needs to help Imperator Furiosa (Chalize Theron) escort a group of women (or ‘breeders’) to a safe place to escape from the villainous hands of the evil Immortan Joe. Directed by George Miller, the creator of the Mad Max franchise, Mad Max Fury Road is the fourth installment (don’t worry, you don’t have to see the previous films to understand this) in the Mad Max franchise that started all the way back in 1979. In simple terms this movie is an action oriented version of Children of Men.

The movie’s simple plot actually works to its advantage, because it allows the film to focus on the other aspects such as the characters and world building, both of which are incredible. But the honest truth is that this film is truly an action film and boy, does it deliver. This movie is a 2 hour chase, that is breathtaking in every sense of the word, it is a pure visceral, adrenaline fueled chase one after another that never lets you let go of the edge of your seat and it never comes to a point where your tired of it. That’s the pure genius of the film making here, in all its action, there is so much going on, people are swinging over poles, people are driving V8 engines, people are playing drums, a guy plays an electric guitar that shoots flames and all of it keeps your attention to a point that it never lets you take your eye off the screen even for a second. The stunt work is incredible to a point that I honestly forgot I was breathing throughout the entire run time and that is something that is incredibly hard to do these days.

However, good action can only come when you have characters worth caring about. Thankfully, they work in this film. Tom Hardy’s Max is a character that really symbolizes a lone wolf searching for a reason to survive and looking for someone trust, and Tom Hardy’s portrayal is great, although I will admit, I still prefer Mel Gibson’s portrayal as he did bring a lot more expressions to the role. Nicholas Hoult is suitably crazy and surprisingly human as Nux. But the real star and show stealer truly is Charlize Theron as Furiosa who is the film’s true heart and the character that I cared for the most. The dynamic between Max and Furiosa is dynamite and they play off of each other very well. The wives are all great as well, as they are tough but vulnerable and caring at the same time rather than being damsel in distresses.

With all that said the real star of the film is director and co-writer George Miller, who is currently 70 years old and managed to make an action film that knocks out every other action film in modern times to the gutter, by relying on practical stunts and effects, real sets that are beautiful to look at and minimal use of CGI to tell his story, that really elevates this film from being just another action movie. He manages to make everything coherent and understandable in such a way that you are never lost in the map that he himself is trying to guide you in. He truly is a mastermind in every sense of the word.

With so much to say and so little to write, Mad Max Fury Road is simply one of the best action films I have ever seen and probably my favorite film of the year so far. I cannot resist giving this movie a perfect rating because it is truly worth it. What a lovely day indeed.

Final Rating:  5/5

Note: I have been planning to start reviewing anime on my blog as well as put up a review of Ex Machina soon, which I also saw recently and a lot more will come soon I promise that for sure. You can also check out my remaining reviews for the The Legend of Korra episodes on youtube which are uploaded on my channel Manas Rai

Thank you so much for reading and sticking around

Until next time….Cheers



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