Pixar Movies (Ranked Worst to Best)

Pixar films ranked worst to best

Well, guys I am fresh off of doing reviews for Satoshi Kon’s films and doing reviews for anime. It’s been a while since I have done reviews for other stuff, even from my blog. So I wanted to do some Pixar stuff, since I haven’t really done that many, so I decided to finally rank all of Pixar’s films from worst to best. Pixar studios is a powerhouse, and it’s a studio I have always looked up to for great films, yes I am a fan of anime and films and T.V, but Pixar has been around since my childhood. I have watched and admired all (okay, most) of their films, and in many ways they are my Disney, my Star Wars, my Star Trek, I am 18 now and I will never let their films leave me have it be in spirit or from my hard drive, Pixar continues to rule and will for at least a while longer. Yes, they have stumbled along the way, but they never fail to impress in some shape or form.

So here I am trying to rank their works in the best way I can. So note, these are only their feature length films that are being ranked, not their shorts, which are impressive nonetheless. I have put a LOT of thought into this list, and it is MY opinion only, and I am not giving away any plot descriptions and I will be jumping straight into my opinion and my justifications for the spot it has been given, so don’t expect to know what the film is about and I am writing this with the knowledge that you know these films or at least know the basic plot, don’t worry, I haven’t added any spoilers whatsoever, Also I have NOT INCLUDED Inside Out, because it has not released in my country yet (it’s coming out on the 26th), so if that bothers you, I suggest you leave. Now, with all that nonsense out of the way, let’s move on to the list.

# 13 – Cars 2 (2011)

It’s not as good as it looks

Okay, so this is the obvious one, everyone hated this movie. Here is an interesting thing, I actually didn’t understand why a ton of people hated it when I first saw it (I was 14, okay), and I thought people were just mumbling about how it wasn’t as good as Toy Story 3, but I will be honest, as I grew up, and on second viewing I can totally see why it’s not good. It doesn’t have any of the powerful storytelling Pixar is known for, the plot is seriously all over the place, and the idea to make Mater the main character still baffles me, although I didn’t hate him as much as the others did. Regardless, I don’t think the movie is awful by any means, but it isn’t any good either, it’s dumb fun at best and a poorly written Pixar effort at worst. The characters are not very interesting; the focus of the story is not either. The animation is great (as all Pixar films are), I will give it that, but it is definitely Pixar’s worst film yet.

#12 – A Bug’s Life (1998)

Now this may be a surprise to some and a shock to others. I personally feel that while I did enjoy myself while I saw this movie when I was 10 or 11, it’s probably Pixar’s most forgettable work. In fact, whenever I talk to any of my friends about Pixar, I always noticed that A Bug’s Life is never ever mentioned, and I think that comes down to the problem that it is way too formulaic, the main character is bland, the story, while kept in a different setting, is still incredibly generic and has been told way too many times, even prior to this film’s release, the main guy wants to prove his worth, not that it hasn’t been told well before or since, it’s just that it hasn’t been told well here, at the very least not as well as it could have. This may be due to the fact that they had to follow up from Toy Story, so yeah I can see how hard it is on the creator’s shoulders. But still, it’s watchable but unfortunately it’s forgettable due to its clichés and generic characters and story. So it secures its place on number 13.

#11 – Cars (2006)

Cars is one of those movies that I really can’t tell whether I liked or disliked. On one hand the animation and the race sequences are incredible fun to watch and while the idea of talking cars is stupid to some, I rather liked it, but on the other hand the characters are such archetypes, you have the guy who wants to win the race and then realizes there is more to it than that, you have the guy who wants to beat the protagonist, you have the goofball, you have that woman who hates the protagonist first and then likes him. It’s just so, so overdone and filled with formulas on how to pass time. I still can’t tell how or why this film was chosen to be made so cliched that too by the creator of Pixar himself John Lasetter, who even directed the sequel. Still the animation in particular I was impressed with and by the time of its release I can tell you, this movie had the best animation Pixar had to offer. It’s okay, I guess but I really can’t say whether it’s a good film or a bad one, but of all films Pixar has done, it’s definitely not anywhere near the best of what they had to offer.

#10 – Brave (2012)

Now this may surprise you, but I liked Brave, but only liked just above the line of dislike. Brave is the kind of movie that is entertaining and that’s it, yes there is a message that the movie provides, but it’s not conveyed particularly well, at least not in Pixar standards, and I will agree, this was Pixar trying to do Dreamworks, it’s not necessarily a failure, it’s definitely far from a success. I will agree the trailer was a marketing ploy, the whole princess regime was just Disney all over again, and I can totally see someone hating this movie, but I will admit, it was funny when it needed to be, I thought the kids were hilarious, the setting and animation were great and the relationship between the mother and the daughter was very well handled, all that and the Scottish accents are always a charm. It’s just that it could have been more, but for what we got, it’s okay, and I liked it, but I will agree, it’s definitely another not-so-good addition to the Pixar library.

#9 – The Incredibles (2004)

Oh dear, I have just pissed off a large group of you folks out there, but this is my list and my opinion only, so that’s that. The Incredibles is an enjoyable film and I really liked it, the characters are great, the animation is SPECTACULAR, seeing as this is the first film by Pixar to have an entire cast of human characters, this was a solid movie, and I had a ton of fun, but here is my issue, the first half of this movie is boring, the characters are great, but the film made it’s big mistake by making Bob Parr the lead character, rather than making the entire family the central core of the story, at least for the first half. I always found The Incredibles most interesting when they were working together like a family. The whole story of Bob wanting to be a superhero again just wasn’t my cup of tea; I would have liked it if the entire movie was like the last 30 minutes, where we see the family working off each other, but I guess that really can come down to my thinking. Regardless, this was a good movie with great characters, hilarious moments, and some true emotions.

#8 – Wall-E (2009)

Why the hell is Wall-E so low on the list? Well, because Pixar is awesome and they have made way too many good movies and I just found others that were better. Okay, I will give a better reason, but before that, I also really liked Wall-E, its good sci-fi done in the best way Pixar even could do. The character of Wall-E was very interesting and I am really glad that they went with the decision for him to not speak much, because that just makes him way more interesting, and to this day, he remains one of my favorite protagonists ever. But, my problem with this movie is the exact opposite of The Incredibles, while the first half is a masterpiece that has no dialogue, I found that when they introduced the humans near the second half, the story just lost its momentum, I guess that’s because they just weren’t as interesting as the robots, or it could be the fact that I preferred the first half way more, the animation while stunning still didn’t surprise me or impress me when we get to the ship, the designs were just lazy at times, what you can only wear red or blue clothes, everyone is fat and riding on sofas, it’s just that they could have done way more with that, this is Pixar after all, but I guess I am really nitpicking and I really do like this film, and the reason I place this above The Incredibles was that despite the fact that Incredibles had the better second half, Wall-E was more experimental and more daring, not to say that the Incredibles wasn’t, but Wall-E just did it a bit better.

#7 – Toy Story (1995)

This is where it all began, this is where Toy Story began, and I really, really liked it. Toy Story is one of those experimental films that just work. It’s great as in it has great and likeable characters, really funny moments, great writing and good execution. So why isn’t this movie any higher, well, at this point in the list, it really is just my preference right now, but let me try to explain. The story of Toy Story, while great, is very…personal and small scale than most Pixar films, this isn’t as big and more emotional than any of the other movies, and the fact that I saw this after I had seen films like Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2 (yeah I did), I kind of look back on this movie and think it just doesn’t hold up to other works, even animation wise (but that is nitpicking, this movie came out in 1995). Yes it has some terrific writing and the fact that it could make me care about toys is an achievement in and of itself, it’s just the fact that it is smaller and more laid back than most Pixar films, just makes it land on the number 7 spot.

#6 – Monster’s University (2013)

DID YOU JUST PLACE THIS MOVIE ABOVE THE INCREDBLES AND WALL-E AND TOY STORY YOU DIPSHIT? Well, yes, yes I did. I know I have already pissed you guys, so let me try explaining, I saw Monsters University right after my graduation from 10th grade (in India, the process is different), so when I went to see this movie, I didn’t know what to expect. Pixar wasn’t exactly at the best place in their works (Cars 2 and Brave). So I went in with admittedly very low expectations, and what I got was a film I related to the most from any of Pixar’s works. I am not the biggest fan of prequels, but here is the thing I am a fan of good movies, and I do acknowledge the movie’s flaws, the side characters are just stupid archetypes, the whole principal’s story with the students was dumb, the comedy is forced at times and hell, the university is right out of a 90’s hip comedy movie, but the reason I placed it above those films is the last 30 minutes. If you have seen the movie, you would know why, it’s a message told in a way that only Pixar films can and it executed it in such a way that only a studio giant like Pixar could. The moral being that we can’t get what we want all the time even if we work hard and sit and do everything, we are just not cut out to do some things, I honestly just related to it as I was a student just going to 11th grade for a whole new life and I just connected to that very well, few movies can hold the grace that this one did and convey such a message without it ever becoming way too in your face. In fact it doesn’t even end very happily, which is what adds to just how good the movie really is. Is that the only reason I love this film? No, watching Mike and Sully again was just a treat, and the voice acting is great, the story about how they become friends is a delight and while it does follow the whole hate each other first then like each other later has been done, but again the execution, the chemistry between Billy Crystal and John Goodman just works for me, so yeah I love this movie and if you don’t it’s totally understandable, this was Pixar’s return to form for me, and it tied in very well with Monster’s Inc and it may not be as good as MI, but it’s a good movie nonetheless, and I believe it holds its spot at number 6.

#5 – Toy Story 2 (1999)

Honestly, do I have to say anything for this one, this movie just stands as one of the best sequels ever made, it ups the ante, it has more characters, more subplots, better writing, better villains and overall, it’s just the Toy Story I wanted, it goes all out, it is hilarious, toys travel to airports, shopping malls, through vents, just so much happens in this movie and it is just adventurous and more heartfelt. Hell, I don’t cry at all, and I didn’t cry at the Jessie scene but it got me, I will admit, the feels were hard on this one, and that’s what makes Pixar so great, it knows how to make family movies, it knows how to do them right, and Toy Story 2 is no exception. Why at number 6, really it’s just that Pixar has made better films that’s all, at this point I can’t really tell, it’s just a matter of preference.

#4 – Monster’s Inc (2001)

Do I need to explain myself? Yes, this film was directed by Pete Docter, who, in my opinion, along with Andrew Stanton are the best directors and creators Pixar has yet. Pete Docter is a god when it comes to computer animation, he is imaginative and creative and never holds back, yes he has only directed 3 films, but still, I think he has not failed yet. The animation is just beautiful and Monster’s Inc. is too. The film never holds any bar on imagination and the doorway scene is just astounding to look at, and it holds up even to this day, the voice talents are brilliant, Billy Crystal and John Goodman in particular, the characters are very likeable and like all Pixar films, it is innocent and heartfelt, so it earns its spot on number 4.

#3 – Toy Story 3 (2010)

Well, I have pissed you off again, but I really can’t do anything. Why isn’t this number 1, well I just found their other films to be better, but anyways, I love this film and it concludes the Toy Story trilogy in such a way that the this trilogy is my favorite trilogy ever made (yes, it is tied with LOTR). Do I really have to say why it’s good? The characters are great, the fact that the story takes place when Andy is 17 years old is genius, and the fact that they didn’t screw it up and managed to tell the best story of them all, with a great villain and magnificent animation is masterful. What Toy Story 3 does so well, is that unlike the other two, is the friendship, you see, while I thought the friendship was well handled in the first two, it is in this film where it is tested, they have hardships to go through and that is the reason the scene near the end (the trash scene, as I put it) really had got to me, because I bought the fact that they were close friends, it’s smart, the writing is genius and the fact that Lee Unkrich directed it and not John Lasseter (who did an amazing job with the first two) and made this the best of the three was award worthy, it is no wonder that I am placing this at number 3.

#2 – Ratatouille (2007)

Okay, now this was really hard to put, but ultimately, I put this movie at number 2. Ratatoullie is Brad Bird’s masterpiece, and to this day it still remains the best film that he has ever done. It has great characters, great story, great animation (Paris looks awesome), great score, great direction, great villain, great voice acting, just all around perfect, and to top it all off, it has one of the best endings in movies, EVER. So yeah, that’s about it, and that’s all I can say, check it out if you haven’t already.

#1 – Finding Nemo (2003) & Up (2009)

Yes it is a tie, when it comes down to it, it really is hard to choose from the set of Pixar films that are there, but I always found it hard to choose one of these two, these are the masterpieces by both Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter respectively, and on my blog I have mentioned Finding Nemo in the list of my favorite films of all time, you can consider this a revision. Both these films encapsulate what Pixar does best, telling great and original stories that can make you laugh, cry or just be engaged by where the story goes, both these movies have tear jerking moments and while many people always site Up to be the one that makes you cry, Finding Nemo does that too, just remember the opening for example or the scene inside the whale, but, Up has some of them too, and while many people bring up the first 10 minutes, I can bring up another, the scene where Carl and Russell sit down and Russell is just telling stories about him and his dad and Carl is visibly bored, when Russell notices this, he says the one line that made me cry completely, “it might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most”…Yeah…I lost it. It’s a scene filled with innocence and silence but it speaks the loudest of all the moments. But regardless, both these films have very well written characters, well told stories, great music, phenomenal voice acting, are very engaging from start to finish and they both have taught me very important lessons in my life. So, yeah, It really is hard for me to pick one of these.

That was really, really, really, really, really, really long. Sorry, but I guess I just needed it to be more detailed rather than half-assed and I hope this was an interesting list at the very least, I will review Inside Out on Saturday or Friday, I am not sure but that is the next thing I will do, thanks for reading this if you have. So until then guys,

Cheers and take care


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