Catching Up

Hey guys, just wanted you people to catch up with my stuff, I am watching Inside Out on Saturday evening so I am not sure if I will be able to upload the review as soon as I want to, maybe Sunday, and if you are living in the west, it may come a bit earlier, I am not sure. Also, the real announcement is that I am going to do another countdown list, as I had fun doing it with Pixar films, and this time it is going to be my Top 15 favorite protagonists, I will definitely try to make it shorter, but no promises there and I will be chosing characters from Movies, T.V shows and Anime, all in one list, So I hope it is interesting. As to when it might come out, not sure, but it will definitely come within 3-4 days, I promise.

So that’s that….Will see you guys next time and until then

Cheers…and take care


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