Why Star Wars worked better for me on TV


Well, guys sorry for the hiatus, but at least I mentioned about it earlier. So today, I was just sitting by and relaxing as I had just come back from a hectic trip all the way from Delhi. A lot of ideas were just flowing through my head and I decided to do something about Star Wars, because I have never actually shared my opinions of the franchise as a whole to anyone else, not because I was ashamed or anything but I never thought I needed to. So, I decided to write about Star Wars in some shape or form and when I thought about what I wanted to talk about, it hit me instantly. I think it goes without saying that Star Wars will go down in history as the most popular franchise ever, I mean good god. It was everywhere, is everywhere and will be everywhere.

I was born in India in 1997, so naturally I was introduced to Star Wars incredibly late in life, I saw the first Star Wars feature when I was in kindergarten, it was the second film in the prequel trilogy, that I barely remember and still don’t, it wasn’t until 7th grade that I saw the 1977 feature and then saw the rest of the original trilogy and prequel trilogy afterwards, as an avid film fan, I enjoyed the original trilogy, particularly the second and the third films (Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), as such I really liked all three films and the prequel trilogy was not good, but they were not without their fair share of good moments particularly in Revenge of the Sith. But in all honesty, I never found myself attached to the films as many others were, it may be due to the fact that I never got the chance to experience the visuals back in 1977, because I had just seen films like Avatar before viewing this, or it could be that the acting was just not that good, or the script not very well written, I don’t know, but I never found the films to be as good as people made it out to be. So I always found myself as a liker not a lover.

But it wasn’t until I saw Clone Wars (the micro series, not the CG show) and Rebels that made me change my mind about it. I just found Star Wars to be my cup of tea, yes I am still not qualified to be considered a diehard fan, but still I loved these two shows so much, that I found myself indulging in the Star Wars mythos more than ever. So, here are five reasons why I believe Star Wars worked better for me on television.

#5 – Better developed and more interesting characters

Being a fan of the show Rebels, I found myself way more invested in the main characters rather than our trio from the original trilogy, characters like Kanan, Zeb, Hera, Sabeen and Ezra just worked for me, they felt like a family, not to say Luke, Leia and Han did not, but the dialogue was always stilted for me, it never felt real, whenever Kanan was teaching Ezra, it felt like a father trying to teach a son, Kanan is a humble guy who is flawed and is not ashamed to accept it and Ezra is a flawed student and he is willing to accept it, and each time they worked off of each other on screen it really felt like the two were learning from each other and growing from each other’s experiences, and that attributes to the good writing. The same can be said for the micro series, just see the fight between Anakin and Ventress, which was better than anything we got in the prequel saga, the whole fight relies on expressions, not exposition, and it just works.

#4 – With a T.V show, the world of Star Wars is better explored

Let’s face it, Star Wars is a big universe, there is so much to see and so much to explore that we still haven’t yet. With the T.V series, what I have noticed is that we can spend more time figuring out the mythos of this world, hell I didn’t even know a light saber crystal was a thing until I saw Rebels. With the movies, due to limited time, the focus on story is more necessary than world building which is a big bummer, because the only film I felt did so was Empire Strikes Back and that is by far my favorite Star Wars film. Regardless, with TV series’ like Rebels, the potential to tap into the world of the Star Wars galaxy is enormous and so far, the shows have never disappointed.

#3 – Villains are better used

Honestly, this goes without saying, with the exception of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, hardy any villain felt legitimately threatening, hell, I found Darth Vader far more threatening, evil and devious in that one episode of Rebels that the entire trilogy, but Vader was still used well in the movies, let us take the example of General Grievous, when he was introduced in the Star Wars Clone Wars micro series, he was far more threatening than he ever was in Revenge of the Sith, in which I just found him to be a coughing, bumbling jackass whereas in the micro series I found him to be a force to be reckoned with, hell Darth Maul was way better used in the clone wars CG show (I have not seen it completely) than he was in the phantom menace and The Inquisitor, while no Darth Vader, was still a major threat for the team in Rebels from time to time, whether it is related to time constraints or poor writing in the movies, T.V shows just learn from the mistakes.

#2 – Much Better Acting

Okay, Voice Acting, but that is still acting, whether you love the films or not, I would be shocked if someone came to me and said that the acting in all six films was an example of masterful acting, because it wasn’t, if anything, I always found the acting to be the thing that took me out of the movies from time to time, the T.V series Rebels and the CG show however showcase some really great voice acting, never once does the voice acting feel cheap or cheesy, particularly in Rebels, where the entire cast just have great chemistry altogether, and you understand the emotions of our characters perfectly.

#1 – Great stories

Ultimately, Star Wars is a large universe and there are so many stories that can be told, whether it be stopping the Empire, or about a group of Rebels, or about the Clone Wars, there are just so many stories that are as large as the world they are told in, with T.V shows, you can tap into that.

With all that said, by no means do I say that Star Wars is not suited for the big screen, it is just that time has separated me from enjoying those films as much as I wanted to. With the recent Star Wars film coming soon to cinemas, I have never been more excited to see anything from Star Wars in my entire life and thanks to good shows; I am able to see just how good star wars can be. So, in the end in some shape or form, I guess I can say for sure there will be something in Star Wars that you will find something to your liking, it could be the movies, or the expanded universe books, or the TV shows, or all of them, so just keep your eyes and ears open.

So, that was fun, and a lot shorter than my last article, thanks for sticking around and for the 10+ followers, it has been a blast, I will remain busy as I have a lot of stuff to do and pack since I am leaving to college very soon, but don’t worry, this will still be a thing just don’t expect anything soon until I have settled in my college room, stuff may come a bit sooner but don’t expect anything out of the blue.

Thanks for reading and until next time

Cheers…and take care


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