A Look back (2 years of roasting on fire)

Well, hello there guys, I am back, but not to review anything or put up a countdown, or put up a rant on Bollywood, or anything like that, there’s a lot more to life than that, so I decided that I put up something on my blog about my own life and the reason I am doing this is because I want to share my experiences with you and hopefully you can find something you can relate to in my pathetic little journey. I have been studying in the science stream for my 11th and 12th grade (big shock!!), and my God a lot of stuff have happened these past 2 years. In so many ways, these 2 years have made me who I am today, for better or for worse. I directed a skit, which was my directorial debut that took me 3 months to make and present to the graduating students of that year, I made some of the closest friends I will ever have, I started reviewing film, I started my own blog, I joined a website to create content, I captained a house, I gave a farewell speech, I gained weight (that’s probably not a good thing), I WROTE the bloody EXAMS I always feared, boards, entrances, you name it, although with the exception of my boards, almost none of those exams went as well as they could have.


You see, the time of the entrances is pretty much the most important portion of your life as some would say, as it gets you into a college and depending on your performance, you either get a good college or a bad one, if you get a good one, you get a good job and hence a good life, as many would put it. It was during these times that I found myself lacking the necessary information that I needed or the motivation to study more to do better, hell I will admit it, I was more scared for my boards than I was for my entrances, I doubt my fear for them would have even amounted to the size of a rat’s ass at all. I did awfully in most of these exams (Jee mains, Bitsat…..etc..) and I did fairly okay in others like CET and Comedk, at least from my standards, which probably wouldn’t amount as much to anyone else’s concern either, but regardless, I did get a couple of colleges and none of them met to my tastes, I just felt that my life was going to move on like a cycle, one that is complete with regret. My parents were worried about me of course, and the gradual decline in my hope for a good life or college and my arrogant and ignorant behavior always hurt them, I really do apologize to them, because I should have been a bit more mature in my approach, but in my defense, it was probably one of the lowest points in my life, I just thought there was no getting out of this, each day was the same, the dull, boring, hopeless and pointless life, waiting for my imminent doom that was my results, and something happened….

My boards came out, and I thought I did great, 90% was never a bad thing for me, and after that, I wrote an exam for a college that I am now getting into called SNU. Of course, not all of this happened in an instant and hell, I even had some rough days in between, you see, not getting a college is one thing, but risking your queen to get checkmate is something else entirely, and that is exactly what I did when I chose this college, and to a certain degree, it paid off.

I finally found a college that met my tastes to some degree, why? You may ask. Well explaining that would take ages, but let me put it this way; it gave me a key to study filmmaking whilst doing my engineering, how? Well you can check it out on their website. But regardless, back to the story, for the first time in my entire life I finally felt like I was getting somewhere, and even if it turns out not to be as true as I expected, I can tell you one thing, I am just glad I can feel this way, even if it is for a short period of time.


So, yeah..I wrote the exam to get into this college and I got in, and I am leaving to Noida soon, and finally leaving for a new life ahead of me, sure I don’t mean to say I got into a fantastic college, it is certainly no IIT, or NIT, or Manipal, at least that’s what others think and I get that, but man am I glad that I got into some place I liked, and if you have gone through a metamorphosis like this, then you would completely understand where I am coming from.

But the real reason I am writing this, is because I am a sarcastic douchebag, who wants to say ‘Screw You Suckers…Peace’ and acknowledge that none of you helped me in life….hahaha (OKAY I AM KIDDING, I AM KIDDING)

The real reason I am writing this, is because I want to say goodbye to a city, a city that I have lived in for as long as I can remember, 12 years is a long time, and I would be shocked that you wouldn’t love something or someone that stuck with you that long. Bangalore was, is and always will be my home, no matter where I go, where I settle, Bangalore will always be my home at my core, yes, technically I am from Delhi, but who gives a shit, I have lived here long enough to be qualified to write CET for heaven’s sake.

I have met so many people, built many new relationships, built on existing relationships in this city, and I could never thank it more for giving me that. My friends, the potato group (Iniya, Sai, Shruti, Padma, Aarti, Amogh, Nisar and Ajit) in particular, I can’t thank you guys enough for the help you gave me and the great memories we have had on our trips together whether it was at school, or elsewhere, thanks for being there, and I am sure I will meet you one last time before I resign my role as The Godfather, but for now I wish you people the very best for your futures, but I am more than sure that you will pull through.

My parents, have helped me more than they should have, during my times of angry outbursts or depressed sighs, they made it a point to reassure me that everything would work out eventually, and you know what, they were right. Thanks for everything mom and dad, you’re awesome, no, really you guys are, but now I have reached that point in life where I need to learn to live without their support and I know that I need some time on my own. My younger sister, god your brilliant, your smile, your innocence always made me laugh in a good way.


So this is The Godfather signing off, saying ‘Bangalore, I love you, thanks for everything, the weather, the friends, my loving parents and sister loving me even more, my apartment, my film interests, my enemies and everything else, I’ll see you soon’, and thanks to you for even bothering to read this, and in case I don’t see ya’

Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.

Cheers..and take care


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