3 Movies that got MUCH BETTER for me on second viewing

Have you guys ever watched a film that just did not work for you the first time around? It may be due to the complex nature of the film, the misunderstanding of the film’s message or even the fact that your mood just wasn’t right when you first saw the film. The point is, we all have those movies that just don’t impress you on the first outing, but it’s like the famous quote….”Everyone deserves a second chance”…..and for these movies, that saying worked.

So, let me share with you 3 films that I just liked or even loved a lot more the second time around. Don’t worry, I am not going to add any spoilers or plot details. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s cut the garbage and get into this list.

#3 – Spirited Away


Let me remind you that I was not into anime when I first saw Spirited Away. Hell, I didn’t even know what anime was. I just found this movie on the list of greatest animated films and I gave it a try. At first, I just thought one thing….WHAT? THIS MOVIE WON AN OSCAR? I don’t know, I thought it never had a clear sense of its world. Random stuff just happened around, there was this character with a body of a radish, there was this witch, and there was this dragon like creature, yadda yadda yadda. It just didn’t work for me because I was so used to things being spoon fed in my mouth with explanation.

After viewing this movie the second time around 4 years later, I LOVED it. I understood later that Miyazaki is a visual filmmaker, he relies on visual experience rather than a talkative one. I understood that the girl is put into this strange world all of a sudden, So much of what happened seemed random and it needed to be … and that is just the pure genius of it.

#2 – Fantasia

Fantasia is an odd Disney film to say the least. The movie has no actual structure. It is composed of animated shorts, some that tell a definite story and others that do not. Being a kid, I grew up with many Pixar and Disney films, all of which had a story to tell. So, I was reasonably excited to see this movie, and I hated it. I think back then, like Spirited Away, the fact that I couldn’t recognize it as a visual experience is probably the reason why I didn’t like it.

On second viewing, similar to Spirited Away, I just understood that it was meant to be a visual experience. Not only that, the way the animation and the music work together in this film is ingenious. To know that this movie came out in 1940, and the animation still holds up big time is beyond me. It is my favourite Disney film to this day, and I love it.

#1 – Fight Club

Okay, so let us take a step back from animation. Fight Club, unlike the previous two films on this list, I did not hate on first viewing. I rather loved it, until we reached the last 1/3rd of the movie. It just took an incredible turn from being this amazing film about being free, doing what you want, taking control of your own life, to being this dark psychological study of a character. It was in these last 30 minutes that I zoned out of this movie.

But on second viewing, once I understood that this film IS a character study throughout, I found myself loving the film thoroughly. Yeah sure it does have some of the elements of what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, but ultimately…..it really is a character study more than anything else. Also, Brad Pitt was AWESOME.

That’s it guys, tune in for my next post that is ‘3 movies that just got worse on second viewing’. I hope you guys liked it. SO, what are some of your films that you found better on second viewing…Feel free to comment below.


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