Films that Helped me in Hard Times…

We all have those films that help us in our hard times. They don’t necessarily have to be one or two movies in particular, but they are those movies that we tend to watch whenever we are facing a hard situation or time period in life. Some people have the famous “It’s not your fault” scene in Good Will Hunting (1997), some decide to watch an inspirational speeches in movies like those in ‘Coach Carter’. I think you get the idea.

Okay then
Okay then

Now that a week has passed since I have joined college as a freshman, I decided that I wanted to share something personal with you guys, and if you want another reason, I had just crossed a 1000 readers on my profile. I have been feeling incredibly homesick lately, I mean I have moved almost 1800 kilometers from home after living there for 12 years, you know. The idea that I would feel incredibly homesick isn’t something that even crossed my mind at all when I moved. Sure, you can call me a cry baby, or a whiny little *****, and you’re probably right. So, I decided to talk about 2 films in particular that aren’t just helping me out right now, but even during earlier hardships I faced, those films being Inside Out and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Why these 2 movies? They literally have NOTHING to do with college, and you’re right. But it’s the elements in them that I really relate to, not the setting.

Inside Out tells the story of an 11 year old girl named Riley, who has to deal with moving away from Minnesota to San Francisco. It was something that I could relate to, not just with moving away from my home to live in a residential university, but also at the time when my family moved from California to India. Moving is hard to deal with really, so when I saw this movie, I could personally tell you that I found it relatable on every level, particularly when you reach the film’s climax, where Riley finally breaks down and admits to her parents that she misses home. It’s a scene that I found myself not just crying to, but a scene that made me feel like I was there once. That scene, when the family hugs each other, It feels like the world is reassuring you that everything will work out eventually. It’s a movie that just helped me out in times like I faced recently and I really do admire the movie for that.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower helped me out in a similar way. Sure, I don’t mean to say that my problems are anything like the ones that the main characters in the film go through (sexual abuse is just one of those examples). But the fact that you’re in some place new, some place strange, no old friends, you have to make new ones, do everything yourself, etc. just make you feel alienated and secluded. It’s kind of like those times when you hold yourself back and try to make friends at the same time. This was something that I related to in the movie, and even though I am not a big Logan Lerman fan, he stole the show with his performance. He just adds that ‘shy’ element to his character so well, that you know that you have been there. Sure, I am not like him at all in terms of character, but it was and is a personality trait that I have. It’s a movie that makes you understand that feeling, not just among friends but with teachers or anyone else for that matter. I just can’t help but thank the director for writing the novel and directing the movie himself.

So guys in the end, I made this a bit personal and quite short. I know this may make no sense at all. But I thought it was something worth sharing. Also, I am fine now, I have made a couple of good friends here, and things seem to be getting into place. I don’t intend to say that my problems are big, in fact they are small ones in magnitude, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing, is there?

What other movies do you watch and relate to? Do you have better picks? If so, please do comment below.


One thought on “Films that Helped me in Hard Times…

  1. Nice choices, nothing wrong at all with sharing! 🙂 Perks of Being a Wallflower is a lovely film.
    I often watch ‘The Help’ and ‘Toy Story’ if I have a bad day, they always manage to make me smile (and cry…).

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