Will the Comic Book Craze go on forever?

I just loved this image
I just loved this image

Let’s face it guys, it’s a question we have all asked ourselves. Whether it be while daydreaming, taking a shower, eating your breakfast or any other time for that matter. At some point, somewhere, you have asked yourself this question …..”Will the comic book craze go on forever?”. Since 2008, superhero films have been coming and coming and there’s seemingly no stop to it. We have had more and more great movies coming from this genre faster than ever use to *cough*Batman and Robin*cough*. Comic Book movies have not only proven that they can provide entertainment on a whole new level, but can also provide a platform to incorporate and mix multiple genres into one. Let’s take Captain America: The Winter Soldier for example, it’s a mix of blockbuster film making mixed with the genres of action, spy and thriller. Another example can be that of The Dark Knight, which is a mix of the genres of action, crime, drama and to a certain degree even a thriller. So, when we get movies that incorporate so many elements, it is only natural that we as consumers or film lovers will eat it up and enjoy it to the fullest.

They're cool
They’re cool

but if history has shown us anything, it is that we get tired of things eventually. Let us go back to the time when the Star Wars craze started all the way back in 1977 (now before I continue, let me make it clear, I think Star Wars is sci-fi, adventure and fantasy mixed together, so shut up and continue reading). I think we can all agree, it changed cinema as we know it, even though I am not the biggest Star Wars fan when it comes to the films.

The foundation that Star Wars made in terms of blockbuster film making is enormous. This led to a plethora of adventures and sci-fi films that came out, like Back to the future, Indiana Jones, Ghost of the Navigator, The Goonies, etc. These films practically defined the 80’s along with every action film that starred Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, let’s go forward in time a couple of years, the release of the Star Wars prequels hurt the franchise quite badly (do I need to explain why?). The box office returns for films like The Goonies or Ghost Of the Navigator were not as good as Back to The Future or Indiana Jones, despite the fact that they are good movies. So, that hurt the chances of films like Back to the Future being made.

Let’s go a little further in time, are Stallone and Schwarzenegger as relevant to us as they were in the 80’s or 90’s?…..NO. Look, they even tried everything, they made all the old action stars come together and made 3 films i.e The Expendables trilogy. Arnold and Stallone actually made a movie together (Escape Plan), an idea like that would have killed it in the 80’s, but now that just wasn’t relevant any more. These films just weren’t that good. You can blame the writing, the directing or the overuse of CGI, but that still doesn’t overshadow the fact that these movies just don’t matter to us anymore…..we grew tired, we wanted something new.

So, with such a lengthy history class, which I apologize for, will the same thing happen to comic book movies?

hehe...just kidding
hehe…just kidding

My answer to that question is, not necessarily. Okay, let me throw it to you at a different angle. I said earlier that we eventually grow tired of these genres and I still stand by that statement, but does that mean it will be erased forever? No. Let me give you an example regarding action films. Now, with action films, sure we don’t care all that much about Stallone and Schwarzenegger holding guns and fighting with bare knuckles, but does that mean we don’t get action films that are good anymore? No, we just wanted something different, The Bourne Trilogy gave us a glimpse at realistic, gritty fight scenes with spies, by showing us well-choreographed fight scenes and a genuine sense of vulnerability and thrill when it came to those scenes that required it, like Die Hard.

The latest installment in the Mission Impossible franchise Ghost Protocol, showed us that action films can have a smooth sense of poetry with a more fluid sense of action, by taking wide takes and less use of shaky cam while filming fight scenes. The Bond franchise basically took a whole new turn with Casino Royale,and showed us that Bond would be grittier and more realistic, and now we, as consumers are eating this up. Sure we still get bad action films like Taken 2 and3, but we still get our good ones, it’s just that it’s not the way they used to be where everything was big and bombastic.

See where I am getting at? No? Ok, let me put it this way, comic book movies are constantly throwing stuff at us (in a good way) with different takes. The recently released Ant-Man, was a heist film by heart. Guardians of The Galaxy was almost an action comedy in my opinion and the upcoming Fantastic Four seems to be a serious drama from the trailers (please be good). So, I guess what I am trying to say is yeah…..we will grow tired of it, but there will always be that one comic book movie, action movie or fantasy movie that will come out and give us a new spin, the same way it has for other genres that use to rule their respective decades. We finally have a new Star Wars film coming out, do you know how long it has been? We hear that Indiana Jones will get a reboot. Jurassic Worldcame out, finally proving the world that we are not tired of dinosaurs, and so many more examples are there that I just don’t have the time to put up.

For a post about comic book movies, you may be surprised by the less amount content there is on actual comic book movies, but this was the only way I thought I could tackle it. So, I hope it was interesting in some shape or form and tell me what you guys think, do you believe comic book movies will go extinct, or will what I have said in this article happen? Feel free to write your comment, and thank you so much for reading and the 1000+ reads on my profile.

Cheers…and take care


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