Here’s What Josh Trank Has To Say About His Fantastic Four Movie

With the recent release of Fantastic Four, with the highlight being that it is not a good movie AT ALL. I mean, Rotten tomatoes has given it a score of 9%. The fans of the F4 comic boycotted this movie from the get go. The audiences who were willing to give this movie a chance were disappointed. Basically instead of being FANTASTIC, this movie was DOOMED (I’ll see myself out).

That's not good

First off, I have not seen the film because the movie will be coming out a week late in India (AGAIN). Whatever the case, I have gathered all the information I could. I have read the plot of this movie. I have seen how Victor Von Doom looks. I have seen all the spoiler reviews. I have watched as many non-spoiler reviews as I could. So, I hope that is acceptable for now.Hmmmmm....

In recent media, Josh Trank, the film’s director tweeted about how he had a much better version of the film. He even hinted at how Fox Studios basically scrapped his idea.

Now, I loved Trank’s previous work Chronicle, which came out in 2012. Seeing that it was a film that was about three teenagers who get superpowers after an accident. It was natural to me to find that these movies were similar and unlike Fantastic Four, Chronicle was a pretty good movie. Sure, I can bring up names of directors who started out well and ended up in a not-so-good place (*cough*Shyamalan*cough*), but this is basically the same movie. Josh Trank didn’t seem like the kind of guy who could make a movie that is apparently this horrendously bad.

Basically, this is what fans think of this movie
Basically, this is what fans think of this movie

Which brings me to my point. I honestly believe that what Josh Trank tweeted is true.

Yeah...I do
Yeah…I do

Look, I am not the kind of guy who loves to speculate. I prefer to know the facts rather than cook up a story. However, be that as it may, every once in a while I just can’t help but be curious. I mean, how a director can make a movie that has gotten such a negative reception? I have no idea. But let us look at what we have and move on from there. Please note that all of this is speculation with the exception of a few points here and there. These are not confirmed facts.

good boy...have a cookie

Josh Trank left the Star Wars spin-off movie he was slated to do. Later on, he stated that he wanted to go back to make independent films. With multiple rumours floating around that he appeared drunk on set, I found it obvious that big budget filmmaking wasn’t for this guy. What I got out of it was that he found the experience while filming fantastic four to be rather strenuous. He wanted to make a darker film, but the studio didn’t allow that. That probably explains why the comedy in the film felt incredibly forced. So, by the time reshoots took place, Trank seemed to work for the pay check. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about how the film would turn out and ended up doing what studio wanted him to.

This experience for him would explain why he did not want to do the Star Wars spin-off film. He stated in multiple interviews that while doing independent films, he gets more creative control. This allowed him to make the film that he wanted to. So, if I am supposed to put the pieces together, it would all make sense. But there are different ways to look at it.

That's interesting to hear

Regardless, I thought that this was an interesting situation to talk about. Is Josh Trank just crapping his way out or is he actually telling the truth. I guess we will never know. But, I think it does lead to different stories and speculations. Would Josh Trank’s “Fantastic” version be any good? Would the film have changed entirely had he been given creative control? Look, anyone who has ever directed a film goes into it with a mind-set that he or she is going to make a good movie. Film making is hard, it requires team work, a better sense of understanding one another and so much more. But that brings me to ask you guys…


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