3 Reasons Kill Bill Could Have Been AWESOME as an Anime Feature!

We all love Kill Bill, it is a great and highly stylized revenge flick. It has some signature Tarantino dialogue and a lot of cool action sequences filled with gore and violence. But have you guys ever wondered what this movie would be like if it were animated? I know I have, for quite a while actually.

For years, I always kept thinking to myself, “What if Kill Bill was an anime? Or at least followed the same artistic style? That would have been AMAZING.” I genuinely think that. There are just so many things they could have done with that. Now, I am not saying that what we got was bad at all. But for a guy who is a huge fan of the animation, I like to dream about such things. Its food for thought, you know. So, here are 3 reasons why I think Kill Bill would have been quite interesting if it were animated.

3) Kill Bill Is Highly Stylized, So Is Anime

The Two Have Similar Vibes
The Two Have Similar Vibes

Even though most anime (T.V Shows or Movies) are based on human characters or human designs, one cannot disagree on the fact that Anime is incredibly stylized. Whether it is the hair, the nose, the movement of the sword or even the over-the-top nature of the fight scenes. Anime has style. The over the top nature of the fight scenes, the revenge-based storyline and the world that Kill Bill has created makes it an interesting choice for an anime. In fact, there was even an animated scene in the film that follows the same art form as that of an anime.

This scene, which appears near the middle of the film provides a backstory of one of our antagonists. It is incredibly bloody, dark, stylized and exaggerated. It works perfectly and sets the stage for our antagonist and was my favorite bit in the entire film.

2) Kill Bill Has A Lot of Dialogue, Anime Does Too!!

If there is one thing that anime is known for, it is the use of exposition. Anime uses a lot of dialogue in their scenes. Seeing that Tarantino is a pretty damn good writer and the fact that Kill Bill has a lot of his well-written dialogue, I think it would have been great to see Tarantino’s writing skills in his balls-out glory. Yes, even though I am tired of exposition in Anime, I would have loved to see me some Tarantino.

1) The World of Kill Bill Is Perfect For An Anime-Based Film

God, that is one hell of a poster
God, that is one hell of a poster

When it really comes down to it, the world and the setting is perfect for an anime. It has roots of the Japanese culture that is present in it, particularly with The Bride’s storyline that involves her training. It clearly has a lot of Samurai stuff related to it, particularly with the swords and the final duel in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Also, the movie just has those perfect niches that anime does pretty well. You have the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, the legendary sword maker Hottori Hanzo and the woman who wants to learn martial arts from a legendary master. I mean, all of this would be perfect for an anime. I say this because there are many anime that follow similar storylines and plot devices (Hunter X Hunter and Naruto are good examples). To see a movie like Kill Bill use these niches perfectly, would be amazing. Not only that, Anime loves revenge tales. Hell, one of the most popular anime, Attack on Titan, is a pretty good example (Eren hates Titans, wants revenge). Due to live action, there are a lot of limitations to what you can achieve on screen. But with animation, the designs and over-the-top nature would be captured perfectly. Not only that, it could also open people’s eyes to the fact that animation can be a lot more that family films.

So, there it is guys. I had a blast writing this, its been a while since I have felt that. But, I want to ask you guys, do you think the medium of animation could do Kill Bill justice? The comment section is yours and yours alone.


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