5 Difficulties We Encounter When We Write An Article

#1 – Keeping up with the length

I mean it...literally
I mean it…literally

If there is any difficulty that most writers come across, it is the length of our article. We write what we want and how much we want. But, the fact of the matter is that those who take the time to read these articles may not necessarily have the energy or the conviction to read them after viewing how long it is. This forces us into a dilemma, should we write it for audiences to keep up? Or for ourselves? If we choose the former, then its harder to get our point across sometimes, which may have been done better with a longer article. If I choose the latter, then there is a high probability that not many will read it.

#2 – Typing Fatigue

We've been there
We’ve been there

Let’s face it. When you type an article, you reach a point where you are bored of typing. Does this happen all the time? Not necessarily. But there are times when you know that you are tired of what you are typing. It may be due to the lack of energy to do so, or because you are completely lost and have no idea what you were writing about in the first place. Regardless, typing out articles (long ones in particular) can be a bit of a headache. I had such an experience when I wrote an article about My Favorite Protagonists Of All Time.

#3 – Trying To Get Your Point Across To Others


One of the main issues I think a lot of people have (including me), is trying to make sense of what you are writing. When you have a point to make, it may be easy to understand for you but the same cannot be said for people who are reading it. The person who may be reading your article needs to get the point of it. This generally leads to us creators facing major problems when trying to write our article. I had a major issue with this when I wrote an article on Anime vs. American Animation.

#4 – Trying to Remain Consistent in Quality

Yeah...Yeah...I get it
Yeah…Yeah…I get it

This is probably one of the bigger issues that we face. When we write an article that many consider to be good, we tend to spend far too much time on making the article as good as the one everyone liked that we forget about writing our own thing. We tend to forget that we are suppose to write for ourselves, because we are exposed to this new community of fans who are amazing and willing to read your stuff. This is something that before writing, you never had. We never had people to appreciate us, and now we get all of that. It is only natural that we end up trying to impress others. This leads us to the difficulty, of trying to make good articles continuously and that does leave us a bit damaged.

#5 – Coming Up With Ideas

Well....this is really hard
Well….this is really hard

This is probably the biggest issue that writers of articles face, especially for those who write on a scheduled basis. I know for a fact that this is the biggest problem that I face whenever I write an article. Whenever you sit down to write, you either have way too many ideas or no ideas at all. It becomes a major problem for us because we want to write something that we hope that other people will find interesting and worth the read. This always leads us to the main problem, trying to come up with something to write. If we don’t have the basis, then we can’t write. Ever since I joined the MoviepilotU course, this has been by far the biggest problem for me and I think it has for others as well.

So guys, thank you so much for reading. I appreciate it very much, whoever you are. I really, really thank you. As a creator on Moviepilot, with so many people to choose from, if you are reading this then you chose me. I can never thank you guys more for that, because I am inconsistent, and you read my stuff anyway. Also, thank you so much for reading a post that was not about movies. So thanks, but before you leave.


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