Are We Taking Our Opinions WAY TOO Seriously?

It’s not great but it’s not bad either

A few days ago, I saw an on-production set photo of the female Ghostbusters reboot. I thought it looked neat. I mean, it wasn’t spectacular or mind blowing, but I thought it was fine. It was because it was just a production photo that was taken. Then come the fans of the original film with all their glory. “This is not right”, they say. “This should have people who smile”, they say. “This will be nothing like the first film”, they say. “This should have Bill Murray”, they say. They say and say and say. I say “IT’S A PRODUCTION PHOTO!!!”

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these

Have these guys seen the movie? NO!

Have these guys seen a single scene in the movie? NO!

Have these guys seen a trailer? NO!

All of this, comes from one picture. That’s all. When people think this way, I lose faith in humanity.

Sorry for that

Have we, as fans, a film community, forgotten what we were all about? We weren’t there to praise or tear a movie apart before it was made. We did that stuff AFTER.

I love these guys

Okay, let me dig a bit deeper. Ghostbusters is a fun movie. I have never seen a film that was so hilarious, so much fun that still holds up in every sense of the word today. Sure, some of the effects are dated, but that is just the charm of it. The characters are great, the writing is great and above all, it was and is funny. So, yeah… I am a fan of the original Ghostbusters.

The original is there, we have it and we love it. Nothing can change that. The second movie came out, and it didn’t exactly receive glowing reviews. However, the fans just trashed on it more and more. Don’t forget, it was these guys that asked for a sequel and now, these are the guys waiting to whine about it.

Thanks....I guess

With the release of a Ghostbusters reboot, everyone was pissed when they found out that it was going to star an all-female cast. Sure, it is not the greatest idea ever and even though it didn’t gel with me first, I thought it was pretty interesting. I mean who knows, maybe we can get another surprise like Bridesmaids. Am I saying this movie will do great and will be the BEST move ever? No. But, would it kill you to give it a chance. Will these guys just grain it into their heads that even if you want the original cast back, they won’t come back. One of the cast members is unfortunately no more (Harold Ramis passed away recently), Rick Moranis has retired from acting and unfortunately the other cast members aren’t willing to do more. So, no matter how many hate mails you send me or the studio, the world won’t change and you will still have the original to embrace, regardless of how the upcoming reboot turns out.

I am saying it...

Being born in 1997, I have seen the evolution of the internet quite a bit (not as well as other older folks, but still). We lived in a world where we only waited for the movie and nothing else. Now, times have changed. We comment and give our opinion on the very first thing that we see. Sure, it is only natural that we want the things that we love to be treated nicely. But there is a limit to that. How can we know how it is being treated when we don’t see the final results? How do we know that the film will be good or bad based on an idea?

Let's look at the dull side

But then there is the question, what if the movie doesn’t meet our expectations? Well, then we have the right to comment on it once we’ve seen the finished product. Have you seen a movie where the fans outrage led to a change in the script and overall, improved the movie? Not really. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) had a small change because fans did not want William Fichtner to be Shredder (He would have been an interesting choice by the way). But what did that change bring? The movie wasn’t that good, not even by a shred.He was pretty cool wasn't he..

Did the fans outrage over the look of Quicksilver in X-Men Days of Future Past change anything? No. But the character was great and was the best part of the movie. Did all the whining about Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker change the film….NO, but Heath Ledger portrayed one of the best villains in recent memory. Where are all the apologies now? you there didn't I (just kidding)

Look, I can go on and on with examples that range from movies to anime and so on. But the fact of the matter is that we, as fans are becoming way too possessive of the stuff we love in movies. It is because of fans like these that we don’t get newer stuff. I want to see a new spin on Ghostbusters. I want to see a new spin on Star Wars. I want to see the hilts on the lightsaber. I want to see the new Fantastic Four movie, because I want to see what the team behind and front of the camera bring (I know the film sucks, but still). These are the guys that put their blood and sweat into making films, not the fans that are obsessed about it. I am sorry that I sound harsh, but in a time like this, where the internet is the supreme Lord of Light, I need to be realistic. Wake Up people, we need to experience something new.


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