Quick Review: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation – A Suspenseful Action Flick

So, here is something new I wanted to start. I decided to do two kinds of reviews, one of which is a quick review that just summarises my thoughts of the film in terms of pros and cons. Then, I conclude it with an overall score out of 10 (which is this one). A mentor of mine suggested me to do this, and I fell in love with it.

So, recently I got the chance to see Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Why is this review coming out so late? Because, it came out in India a week late. So here are my thoughts.


  • GREAT action sequences, especially those which involved suspense (loved the opera scene)
  • Great direction by Christopher McQuarrie
  • Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg steal the show
  • It is actually quite well written when it comes to the dialogue between the characters
  • Story is surprisingly smart, considering the world these films are set in
  • Supporting cast is pretty good (loved to see Ving Rhames back)
  • Decent villain


  • Villain needed a bit more screen time so that we could understand his motives a bit more (most of his ideals are explained by Ethan actually)
  • Plot does get a bit too convoluted (especially near the middle)
  • Jeremy Renner could have been given more action sequences to do

Overall Thoughts


I actually loved this movie. Given that the trailers didn’t really excite me much, I was pleasantly surprised with how this movie turned out to be. It is a great action flick with a great amount of suspense added to it. Tom Cruise is still crazy with his stunts and we love him for it. Aside from the few qualms I had with a slightly underdeveloped villain and at times a convoluted plot, there was a lot to take for me from this movie. So, I am giving Rogue Nation a solid 8.7/10.


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