When Should We Use The Word ‘Overrated’?

Whenever we are asked to critique any show, movie or anything in general, we readily give reasons for the judgement we pass on them. Justifications for all the opinions we value so dearly. I mean, it’s all subjective, right?! Well, recently I’ve started noticing people who are continually referring to the word ‘overrated’ as a principal (mostly) reason for disliking something. The OED (my personal Bible) tells me that ‘overrated’ means: rated or valued too highly. Perfect. So far so good. I know what it means. So do you. So does almost everybody. Then why do so many people never explain what they think of a movie after labelling it overrated?

its okay...its okay
its okay…its okay

Personally, I don’t have a problem with whether its meaning is twisted. It’s not. What bothers me is that it’s being made into a convenient escape route. It’s basically a method to flee and not think about what the real issue is. Okay. Let me try to give you an example to show you why I’m bothering to write an entire article about this. Here goes.

“Hey, what do you think about that Boyhood movie?” I asked my friend. All the while, there are reasons buzzing in MY head about why I didn’t like the movie that much and think it’s overrated. Bland main character. Unrelatable situations. Unoriginal plot (Remember, personal opinion. Don’t jump me.)

“It’s overrated.”

“You bet! Why do you think it’s overrated though?”


Comprende? It gets a little infuriating at times.

Nice man...Nice
Nice man…Nice

What I’m trying to say here and asking you to do (Heck, I’m pleading!) is to think harder. I’m asking you. Each and every one of you, as individuals, to really catch yourself each time you use the ‘O-word’ as the heart and soul of an opinion and think, “Is there another less hazy (cloudy, vague, bloody OPAQUE. I could go on) way to rationalise why I have a problem with this so-and-so?” Ultimately, I’m asking you to force yourself to contemplate on why you reason the way you do. This might be seen as something that has arisen thanks to petty incidents but I think it makes a difference. We live in a world where movies are a kick starter for conversations. Let’s ask ourselves, do we really want to spend time on a conversation that is boring and uninteresting? No. We love debating about what we love, it makes us love what we love even more. We are in a community where we write about movies after all.

Basically, try not to use the O-Word.

Have a cookie
Have a cookie

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