From Movies to T.V Shows: 5 Of The Greatest Rivalries Ever

What makes a movie, book or TV show more impactful than a rivalry between two characters, the answer is…….I don’t know!, but there is something about rivalries that brings us back to whatever it is that we are viewing. It adds to the intensity. When they are well done, its what we remember most about these films/t.v shows. So, with that in mind, here are 5 of my favorite rivalries in the realm of entertainment that I have experienced.

5) Gerald Lambeau and Sean Maguire (Good Will Hunting)

Gerald Lambeau (left) and Sean Maguire (right)
Gerald Lambeau (left) and Sean Maguire (right)

While not exactly a rivalry, the love-hate relationship between these two in the film was something that I could not ignore. You see, one of the major aspects to rivalries (particularly good ones) is the admiration and hatred the characters have for each other. This is something that is present in all of my personal favorite rivalries on this list.

What I love so much about their relationship is how inconsistent it is. One moment they are respecting each other, acting like adults and another moment, they are fighting each other like kids! You can see in their fights that they once cared for each other and still do. This is more apparent when they are arguing with each other about their ideals. Gerald wants to make Will a great mathematician, considering his potential while Sean wants him to do whatever he wishes and not to be manipulated into doing mathematics for the rest of his life. Each time they argue over this, it makes for some of the best written scenes in the film and for one of the best rivalries.

4) Professor X and Magneto (X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past)

Profeesor X (left) and Magneto (right)
Profeesor X (left) and Magneto (right)

You all saw this coming, and this list couldn’t be complete without comic book rivalries. Professor X and Magneto is a prime example of a great rivalry. Like the previous spot on our list, what makes them work is the fact that they were friends once. It only makes their hatred for each other more impactful. But unlike the previous list, this rivalry isn’t one sided.

You can see both sides of the argument. Eric/Magneto hates humans and the motive behind it is pretty well explained. He experienced the Holocaust, that reason is good enough. Charles/Professor X is someone who, unlike Eric, is willing to see the bigger picture. He is willing to see what mutants and humans can achieve once they put aside their differences. This makes their rivalry work for me and was the best part about X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past.

3) The Bride and Bill (Kill Bill Vol. 2)

Bill (left) and The Bride (right)
Bill (left) and The Bride (right)

This is one that not many talk about. In fact it’s probably the most underrated rivalry ever (if there is one I guess). The Bride and Bill, two skilled assassins were once lovers. They cared for each other and their fallout led to two awesome revenge flicks (details of which I won’t spoil).

With their final showdown in Vol.2 and their rivalry coming to a close, I was rather pleased to find out that it wasn’t a hand to hand beat down. Rather, it was a conversation that led to confessions – each of them explaining to the other why they did what they did. Like other spots on this list, what the script does so well is hint at their past relationship. They seemed to truly love each other and that’s what makes the conclusion to their affair a bittersweet one and their rivalry a memorable one.

2) Batman and The Joker (The Dark Knight and all of the DC Animated Batman Movies)

You know who is who
You know who is who

Okay, this is as obvious as it comes. We all know this rivalry. Hell, people who don’t even have a clue about comic books know about Batman and Joker (at least I think they do).

The rivalry between Batman and Joker is the definition of a love-hate relationship. Batman and Joker have been arch enemies for years in comic books, movies and T.V shows and we just can’t get enough of these two. They are obstacles for each other, they test each other to their limits and will do anything to get their point across to each other – and that’s what makes it work.

Joker tests Batman’s rule of no killing and Batman tests the Joker by never giving in to his cruelty. In one way, they have this dark admiration for each other. It’s like they want to chase each other forever, despite the horrifying consequences. The Dark Knight, the animated feature The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and the comic book The Killing Joke (It was the first comic book I ever read) are great examples. What can I say, this rivalry is a hell of a good one.

1) Tom and Jerry

Now, let’s tone down a bit. Why is my favorite rivalry a comedic one? Well, because these guys and their rivalry basically defined my childhood. I loved them for as long as I can remember. I love the chases, which define ‘slapstick comedy’. Not to mention that, rivalries in comedies almost always tend to get the best laughs.

I love the bombs, the grenades, the woodpeckers, the dogs, the high speed chases, the flat faces and so on. This is what Tom and Jerry are known for. They love to hate each other and they admire each other. Of all the rivalries on this list, they are the ones that stay true to the love-hate factor. They hate each other like any cat and mouse would, yet they stick with each other like no other friend would and that’s exactly what makes their rivalry special to me.

So, that’s about it my dear friends. Thanks for reading! Tell me, which is your favorite rivalry? Give your personal favorite in the comment section below.


Why The Dark Knight Rises Doesn’t Suck (An Overview)

The Dark Knight Rises is a provocative film; there is absolutely no doubt about that. The fact that it has had such heavy debates amongst fans of movies and comic books alike is capable enough to prove so. Even after two years of its release, I still battle with my own opinions about this film. But after two years of struggle, I am here to finally make a firm and final opinion of this film by providing an overview. So without further a due, let us begin (Major SPOILERS for TDKR ahead, so if you haven’t seen the film, don’t read this)

When I first saw this film in theatres, I loved it, I even went on to say that it was as good as The Dark Knight, but that was due to the excitement within me. After a few weeks, I slowly started thinking about this movie and began to realise that it was not all that great and admitted that it wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight, not even close and further thinking ultimately led me into believing that this movie sucked and confirmed this opinion for a long time soon after the Blu-ray came out, almost a year and a half later, I saw the film again, and I found myself loving this movie, but it wasn’t without its flaws, which led me to write a post on this topic. So I decided to research about this and I came across 3 articles that changed my mind completely, The 1st article was about ‘15 things that bothered us about TDKR’ written by /Film that criticised the film, the 3rd article written by Nolan Fans, wrote a backlash to this article by providing contradictions to the points, which was well written and very convincing for most of the part. The final article (which was my favourite) defended the film by providing 6 misconceptions about TDKR.

Why it doesn’t suck?

  1. The Dark Knight Rises provided a more emotional look on Bruce Wayne, which we hadn’t seen in the first two films. We learn more about how troubled the character really is. We see that he is in pain and he goes through a lot of it in this film. I found a lot of people complaining that the first 45 minutes is just us seeing Bruce Wayne as a cripple, no, we don’t have to see him that way, and he has lost everything, he needs someone, he is sad and traumatised and that is what the first 45 minutes of the movie tells us. The Dark Knight Trilogy mainly centres around 3 themes, those being fear (Batman Begins), chaos (The Dark Knight) and pain (The Dark Knight Rises).
  2. Second Sequel Syndrome: What makes this film good is that it is the only second sequel to a superhero movie that was good (other than Iron Man 3). It did not descend into the terrible depths of Spiderman 3 or Blade 3 or X-Men 3. Yet, I find fans that are enraged by this film and ridicule it without thinking about it, it may not reach the standards set by The Dark Knight, but it is a great film, no one can take that fact away.
  3. It has a broader scope compared to the previous two: Yes, The Dark Knight Rises has some enormous sets and it goes without saying that the film’s opening hijack scene was jaw-dropping. The production design of this film was magnificent and epic, just look at some of the sets, the tunnel, the applied sciences division, the final war, Wayne Manor, The bat-cave and the court room. They were robbed of the nomination at the academy for this one.
  4.  We got to see Batman go head to head with someone stronger: Watching Batman fighting someone who is just as strong as he is, if not, more was something we all wanted to see from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The good part is that they did not spend time to reach on to this issue in the first two films and saved it for the third one, now that’s smart.
  5. It is unique in its own way: Each of the film was different in terms of tone and themes. The first film was about fear, the second, chaos and the third, pain. It’s about pain, and although the tone may be similar to Batman Begins, good amount of arguments can be made to showcase the unique tone. As each film is unique in its own way, each film feels different and that continues with the third and final film.
  6. It was a complete story: The greatest thing about The Dark Knight Rises is that it completed a story, the story of Bruce’s journey, how he became Batman, how he falls and how he rises. It was complete and the end of this film is a testament to that. In many ways, I compared this trilogy to the episodes of Breaking Bad, those being “Ozymandias” and “Felina”. The Dark Knight to me is like Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias”, its explosive and a lot of things take place, such as the death of Rachel Dawes and the fall of Batman and in contrast the death of Hank Schrader and the loss of his family. The Dark Knight Rises on the other hand is like “Felina” where we saw the main character (in both cases) in pain and without hope, which this film perfectly captures.


Now, with that being said, there are two major questions or confusions that either annoyed a certain group of fan or upset the others, so I tried my best to answer those two questions with the help of the four articles that I read earlier, before writing down this overview.

How did Bruce come back to Gotham?

It is a question that did bother me, but after reading the articles and watching it for the 4th time, I realised that it took nearly 3 weeks for Bruce to come back. Remember, Lucius Fox says “The bomb will go off in 23 days” right after, Bruce escapes the pit, and when Bruce reaches Gotham and meets Selina, he says, “Tomorrow that bomb’s going off”. It is only logical to assume that he found other ways to reach North America, would have had certain tools and entered Gotham, so it does make sense up to a certain point.

Is Bane just a guy who follows orders?

NO, although we all know of the twist, if you actually think about it, Bane did not follow orders all the time, yes, I disliked the way he died and it was the film’s weakest point, but his true origin added a lot of depth to the character, and when Talia said that he should be kept alive until the bomb blows up, Bane said “We both know that I have to kill you now”, this does show that he is not a random henchman, and he was a villain, unlike the Mandarin.

Despite all these defences that I have made, it doesn’t take away the fact that the film has its flaws, there are a lot of editing mistakes, especially in the fight scenes, and you can notice that the characters aren’t really punching each other. But that duel between Bane and Batman was incredible. The time jumps that the film takes made the narrative a bit uneven at times and the most annoying part about this film is that it has death scenes that are fake (Talia’s for example). But my biggest problem with this film was the addition of Sgt. Foley (Matthew Modine) side story. He doesn’t believe in Batman, then he does, it was for most of the part, unnecessary, it could have been edited, although I do understand its motive, it doesn’t add much to the film and really could have saved some time.

But despite these flaws, it does get a lot of things right. The Dark Knight Rises has received heavy debates following its release, and still does, whether this film is bad or good, that decision is left up to you. If this article has affected your decision about this film, I am glad and I hope you enjoyed reading it. In the end I would just like to say “Don’t ridicule a film just because it doesn’t reach your expectations, sit and think about it, and then give your opinion rather than blatantly doing so”. With that being said, The Dark Knight Rises receives a solid 4.

Final Rating: 4/5 stars

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