From Movies to T.V Shows: 5 Of The Greatest Rivalries Ever

What makes a movie, book or TV show more impactful than a rivalry between two characters, the answer is…….I don’t know!, but there is something about rivalries that brings us back to whatever it is that we are viewing. It adds to the intensity. When they are well done, its what we remember most about these films/t.v shows. So, with that in mind, here are 5 of my favorite rivalries in the realm of entertainment that I have experienced.

5) Gerald Lambeau and Sean Maguire (Good Will Hunting)

Gerald Lambeau (left) and Sean Maguire (right)
Gerald Lambeau (left) and Sean Maguire (right)

While not exactly a rivalry, the love-hate relationship between these two in the film was something that I could not ignore. You see, one of the major aspects to rivalries (particularly good ones) is the admiration and hatred the characters have for each other. This is something that is present in all of my personal favorite rivalries on this list.

What I love so much about their relationship is how inconsistent it is. One moment they are respecting each other, acting like adults and another moment, they are fighting each other like kids! You can see in their fights that they once cared for each other and still do. This is more apparent when they are arguing with each other about their ideals. Gerald wants to make Will a great mathematician, considering his potential while Sean wants him to do whatever he wishes and not to be manipulated into doing mathematics for the rest of his life. Each time they argue over this, it makes for some of the best written scenes in the film and for one of the best rivalries.

4) Professor X and Magneto (X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past)

Profeesor X (left) and Magneto (right)
Profeesor X (left) and Magneto (right)

You all saw this coming, and this list couldn’t be complete without comic book rivalries. Professor X and Magneto is a prime example of a great rivalry. Like the previous spot on our list, what makes them work is the fact that they were friends once. It only makes their hatred for each other more impactful. But unlike the previous list, this rivalry isn’t one sided.

You can see both sides of the argument. Eric/Magneto hates humans and the motive behind it is pretty well explained. He experienced the Holocaust, that reason is good enough. Charles/Professor X is someone who, unlike Eric, is willing to see the bigger picture. He is willing to see what mutants and humans can achieve once they put aside their differences. This makes their rivalry work for me and was the best part about X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past.

3) The Bride and Bill (Kill Bill Vol. 2)

Bill (left) and The Bride (right)
Bill (left) and The Bride (right)

This is one that not many talk about. In fact it’s probably the most underrated rivalry ever (if there is one I guess). The Bride and Bill, two skilled assassins were once lovers. They cared for each other and their fallout led to two awesome revenge flicks (details of which I won’t spoil).

With their final showdown in Vol.2 and their rivalry coming to a close, I was rather pleased to find out that it wasn’t a hand to hand beat down. Rather, it was a conversation that led to confessions – each of them explaining to the other why they did what they did. Like other spots on this list, what the script does so well is hint at their past relationship. They seemed to truly love each other and that’s what makes the conclusion to their affair a bittersweet one and their rivalry a memorable one.

2) Batman and The Joker (The Dark Knight and all of the DC Animated Batman Movies)

You know who is who
You know who is who

Okay, this is as obvious as it comes. We all know this rivalry. Hell, people who don’t even have a clue about comic books know about Batman and Joker (at least I think they do).

The rivalry between Batman and Joker is the definition of a love-hate relationship. Batman and Joker have been arch enemies for years in comic books, movies and T.V shows and we just can’t get enough of these two. They are obstacles for each other, they test each other to their limits and will do anything to get their point across to each other – and that’s what makes it work.

Joker tests Batman’s rule of no killing and Batman tests the Joker by never giving in to his cruelty. In one way, they have this dark admiration for each other. It’s like they want to chase each other forever, despite the horrifying consequences. The Dark Knight, the animated feature The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and the comic book The Killing Joke (It was the first comic book I ever read) are great examples. What can I say, this rivalry is a hell of a good one.

1) Tom and Jerry

Now, let’s tone down a bit. Why is my favorite rivalry a comedic one? Well, because these guys and their rivalry basically defined my childhood. I loved them for as long as I can remember. I love the chases, which define ‘slapstick comedy’. Not to mention that, rivalries in comedies almost always tend to get the best laughs.

I love the bombs, the grenades, the woodpeckers, the dogs, the high speed chases, the flat faces and so on. This is what Tom and Jerry are known for. They love to hate each other and they admire each other. Of all the rivalries on this list, they are the ones that stay true to the love-hate factor. They hate each other like any cat and mouse would, yet they stick with each other like no other friend would and that’s exactly what makes their rivalry special to me.

So, that’s about it my dear friends. Thanks for reading! Tell me, which is your favorite rivalry? Give your personal favorite in the comment section below.


Which Cartoon Character Would You Like to be For a Day?

We all love cartoons or at least, we loved them at some point in our lives. They made us smile and, on other occasions, did the exact opposite. But one thing they all had in common was that they entertained us. We are a generation of entertainment enthusiasts that are defined by these characters. So much so that at some point, we actually wanted to be these characters. We wanted to live like them, at least for a day.

Here is my question to you….”Which Cartoon character would you like to be for a day?”

And with that in mind, let me share my choices, here are 5 cartoon characters that I would love to be for one day if I had the chance…

5) Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)

Mad Scientists, I tell you
Mad Scientists, I tell you

The show Dexter’s Laboratory revolves around a boy/scientist who has a lab hidden behind his bookshelf. He constantly tries to create new inventions only to fail due to some of his careless mistakes , over-excitement and his meddling sister, Dee Dee.

Why Do I Want To Be Him For One Day?

  • I would love to speak in a sort-of German accent (that’s what I think it is btw)
  • I have always had this crazy dream of being a scientist who does mad stuff
  • Part of the reason why I laughed watching this was seeing Dexter fail, again and again and I have this weird thing where I always laugh at myself for failing over and over again.
  • I would start adding extra securities so that Dee Dee (his sister) would never jeopardize anything (seriously, how does she get through all of that?)

4) Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

That is cute
That is cute

Gravity Falls is one of my new favorite shows. I love it for showing us siblings how to actually get along with each other for once (Me and my sis get along amazingly btw). I love the humour, the stories, the characters and just how crazy and offbeat it is. The show revolves around two siblings Mabel and Dipper who have gone to live with their uncle in the mysterious “Gravity Falls”, where weird adventures are waiting for them.

Why Do I want to be Mabel?

  • Because she is off beat and crazy
  • She learns how to live life, never wasting a minute of it. I would love to experience that (Also, she never comes off as whimsical despite all that)
  • She’s positive and expressive about her feelings (I am kind of like that too)

3) Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)

The King of Selfies
The King of Selfies

Johnny Bravo is a show about a guy’s (Johnny Bravo) daily life and his whacky adventures. So…..

Why Do I want to be Johnny Bravo?

  • He has one hell of a body (I am not gay, but even I can tell)
  • I would love to do more useful stuff with that rather than get girls (Seriously, there is so much you can do)
  • I always wanted to know what blonde hair looks like on a guy
  • He is so full of himself, so am I (in a sarcastic way)!

2) Spike

The Truce Hurts
The Truce Hurts

Tom and Jerry basically defined my childhood. It tickled my funny bone all the time. It defined slapstick comedy for me and I am sure it has for many others as well. The show revolves around the love/hate relationship between a cat and a mouse. So, you might be surprised with who I want to be. So, let’s ask the question:

Why Do I want to be Spike the Dog?

  • Because Spike is more laid back, most of the time
  • I would love to be the strongest in the trio (the trio that consists of cat, dog and mouse)
  • Also, I would just get to view the chases and on a few occasions, get to be a part of them (which is win-win for me). This allows me not to get hurt all the time
  • I would get to sleep a lot

1) Toph Beifong

She is a badass allright
She is a badass allright

Toph Beifong is one of the most badass characters in cartoon history. I love her and the show. Avatar: The Last Airbender revolves around people who can manipulate/bend one of the 4 major elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire), known as benders.Toph is an Earthbender, which leads us to the question.

Why Do I Want to Be Toph?

  • I would love to experience being a master at something (Toph is an Earthbending master)
  • Also, I could do a lot of creative stuff with Earthbending, and it is my favorite of the four
  • I’d love to be a badass for one day
  • Like Spike, Toph is also laid back at times (I like that)

Honorable Mention: Bugs Bunny

Gee, What's Up Doc
Gee, What’s Up Doc

I honestly couldn’t find that many reasons to be Bugs Bunny for one day. I mean, I am not a fan of carrots and I do not like to be on either end of a gun. But, man I would love to say “Gee, What’s up Doc?” at least once. So, I guess that deserves an honorable mention.

Well, that’s all folks. I got nothing else to say. Which Cartoon character would you love to be for one day? answer the poll then the comment section is all yours.

Which Cartoon character would you like to be for one day?

  • 0
  • 0
    Mabel Pines
  • 0
    Johnny Bravo
  • 0
    Spike The Dog
  • You
    Toph Beifong
  • I want to write my own post about it